ABA505: Behavior Change Procedures




This is the fifth course of the BCBA Task List 5 course sequence. Students will be able to identify the ultimate outcomes for the person or persons involved, identify sequential or concurrent intermediate outcomes, identify the behavior or behaviors targeted for change in observable and measurable terms, and establish positive interpersonal relationships using behavior change procedures. Students will also be able to select procedures based on hypotheses generated from behavioral assessment data; select behavior change procedures that are consistent with the principles of behavior and published research, when more than one procedure is indicated; select behavior change procedures based on competencies of the behavior analyst and other persons who will be carrying out the program; and when weakening behavior, develop a behavior replacement plan using the least restrictive interventions likely to be effective given the function of the behavior to be weakened.

Students will be able to use setting events and contextual or ecological variables; select, develop and use incidental teaching techniques; use consequence-based interventions: reinforcers; potential reinforcers; appropriate parameters and values of reinforcement; and appropriate schedules of positive reinforcement. Students will be able to identify variables affecting reinforcement effectiveness, differential reinforcement, punishers, potential punishers, appropriate parameters, values and schedules of punishment, variables affecting punishment effectiveness, negative effects and limitations of punishers in changing behavior and their effects on behavior. Also, students will be able to use extinction and stimulus control strategies, develop and implement shaping, chaining, token economies, and self-control procedures.

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